7 Common Reason You May Need a Family Law Solicitor

Dated Added: 09 November 2017

7 Common Reason You May Need a Family Law Solicitor

 Family is the most valuable thing a person has. That's why it's important that you ensure you are able to protect your family when you need to the most. In this blog, I will discuss 7 common reasons you may need a solicitor, with regard to family law. In any of these situations, seeking the advice of a solicitor will prove invaluable.

If you're Involved in Divorce

Divorce can be stressful enough, without the additional stress of the legal issues. Whether you yourself want a divorce, or your partner does, you can  always benefit from the advice of a solicitor. You will need a solicitor to represent you as a Petitioner if you wish to commence divorce proceedings, or a respondent if you have been served with court papers. Let a professional handle the legal side, while you handle the emotional side.


Embezzlement is slightly more straightforward than fraud. This means abusing funds that you have control over, but are not for your personal use. For example, changing the allocation of funds for a business to cover-up directly taking cash from customers.

Financial Matters

If you become involved in legal financial matters because of divorce, or any other reason, a solicitor can help you reach a financial settlement by consent, without having to go to court and prepare a legal document to reflect your agreement. If, on the other hand, no agreement can be reached, and there is no alternative (including Family Mediation and Family Arbitration) a solicitor will advise you on how to go about issuing an application at court for Financial Remedy.

Child Arrangement

Trying to agree what should happen to your children upon separation, where they shall live and how often they see the non-resident parent, can be extremely difficult, particularly if there has been an acrimonious breakdown of a relationship or marriage. Children matters, require a degree of sensitivity and a pragmatic, non- confrontation approach, which a solicitor will provide, by helping you to reach an agreement with your former partner/ spouse that is best for your children. If it is not possible to reach consensus about your children, a solicitor will advise you about all options, including Mediation, Family Law Arbitration and making an application to Court, where appropriate.

 Child Jurisdiction

Sometimes, a parent may decide to relocate with the children, to another part of the country or to another jurisdiction, outside of the UK. Often this is disputed by the parent left behind who is concerned about being able to maintain a proper relationship with their children. A solicitor will represent you, if you are the parent who wishes to relocate or if you oppose this.

Enforcement Orders

You may already have an Order stating how often you child should spend time with you, or see the other parent or person. If this Order is not being complied with, we can help you apply to enforce it, or represent you if you have not been complying with a Court Order. Too often, Court Orders are breached, and sometimes parties may be unware of the potential consequences of breaching an Order. If for any reason you are unable to comply with an Order, urgent legal advice should be sought and consideration be given to applying to the Courts to vary or discharge an existing Order.

Parental/Guardianship Orders

A solicitor will advise you on how to obtain legal rights in relation to a child, and where appropriate, make an application to court. If paternity is in dispute, a solicitor can resolve this and support you in court. Special guardianship orders are becoming a far more common way to secure a child’s long term residence with non-parent family members, which gives certain rights over and beyond the normal parental rights.

Harassment Matters

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or harassment. A solicitor can help you by sending a warning letter, or if appropriate, apply for an urgent (and without notice to the opponent) application to the Court to obtain immediate protection for your safety. A solicitor can also advise you about Occupation Orders or transfer of tenancies where you require the Court’s intervention to regulate occupation of the family home.

If you're involved in Divorce

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