5 Situations in Which You May Need a Solicitor

Dated Added: 01 September 2017

We at Gurney Harden are specialists in Criminal Defence representation. We have extensive knowledge and experts in this field. We are able to represent all of our clients at the Police Station, Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal. We are able to represent clients in all areas of Criminal Litigation and here at Gurney Harden we often deal with serious allegations such as murder, sexual offences, terrorism, etc.

  1. Drug Charges
    Knowing the amount of resources invested in drug investigations by specialist squads is vital in ensuring a strong defence. At Gurney Harden we have an experience team with knowledge of forensics, evidence and understanding of site evidence. We will ensure that whatever drug allegations a client is accused of, we do everything we can to fight their cases

  2. Sexual Offences
    Being accused of a sexual offence comes with unique challenges. As well as the usual problems criminal allegations can create, you have the additional social stigma and publicity. Gurney Harden will fight professionally and discreetly to get the best outcome for you in your unique situation no matter what.

  3. If you've been Arrested
    If you're detained at a police station, ensuring your contact a reliable solictor like Gurney Harden may be the decision that ensures you the best outcome in your situation. If you've        been detained, your case can be won or lost at the police station. Confesssions may occur, evidence is taken, decisions are made, which will inevitably affect your legal allegations and    the general outcome. Ensuring you follow instructions from a reliable solictor is the best way to ensure a good outcome.

  4. White Collar Crime
    If you are under allegations of white collar crime you will definitely benefit from seeking a reliable solicitor like Gurney Harden. Gurney Harden has experience dealing with white collar allegations with regard to large corporations and banks, and even individuals in politics. Our experts have the legal knowledge necessary to professional defend someone who is under white collar crime allegations.

  5. Common Assault
    Common Assault is misinterpreted; no physical contact needs to have occurred to be guilty of it. It is these subtleties that a professional solicitor like Gurney Harden understands and will be able to help you with if you have assault allegations. Additionally, what has to be proven is an intention of fear and threat of physical violence, including verbal use or body language. As this is a complicated subject, you will need experts with knowledge and experience, such as those at Gurney Harden.

    Our defence team have in-depth knowledge in all areas of criminal law, including assault, theft, fraud and even homicide. With your liberty and reputation at stake we will always robustly defend you whilst retaining confidentiality to minimise any damage to your reputation. To book a free 30 minute  telephone consultation click below: http://www.landingpage.gurneyharden.co.uk/criminal-law

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