Crown Court

Gurney Harden has a team dedicated to matters in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. We specialise in a vast range of offences including serious offences such as Murder, Rape and White Collar Fraud. The in-house Solicitor Advocates can provide a more personal service throughout your matters at the Crown Court.

As well as in house advocacy, we also instruct Barristers from chambers and ensure that each case is dealt with by the appropriate Barrister or Solicitor Advocate depending on your offence at court. Each case is different and requires different levels of expertise and Gurney Harden will ensure that the right Counsel is selected for your matter, whether that is a trial or sentence. Some offences including sexual offences, need to be dealt with with the utmost discretion and Gurney Harden recognise that you need Counsel that you can trust and who are able to deal with your matter in your best interest at the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

Gurney Harden has a large Crown Court department but understand that a personal service is important and we take client care seriously. Whether you have been in a court before or not, we will always endeavour to explain each step of the process to you and keep you informed. We have a dedicated caseworker who will be your constant point of contact throughout your case, allowing you to have access to information about your case and give you continuity from the moment your case is committed, sent to or you choose to elect the Crown Court. Building relationships with clients and maintaining contact throughout your case is important to ensure you feel confident with Gurney Harden.

We have dealt with a range of cases including many drugs importation cases, fraud and serious crime and handled the most complex and sensitive of issues. This includes cases being prosecuted by the counter terrorism unit (CTU), the National Crime Agency (NCA), prosecution service (CPS), the benefits agency (DWP) or the serious complex case work unit.


We also specialise in confiscation proceedings and regularly attend the confiscation court. This is a specialise field and it is important that a client has the appropriate representation due to the significant default sentence that can be imposed.

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