Police Station Funding

Police Station advice and assistance is free if you have been arrested and taken to a police station or attended the police station voluntarily in order to be interviewed under caution. You will be offered advice and assistance before, throughout and after your investigation proceedings.

Magistrates Court Funding - Legal Aid

In order to qualify for Legal Aid in the Magistrates Court you need to pass 2x tests:-

  1.  The interests of Justice Test;
  2. The Means Test

Interests of Justice

There are a number of factors in a case which would lead to the interests of justice test being passed such as the defendant is at risk of going to prison or the defendant suffers from mental health problems/learning difficulties and so would find it difficult to understand court proceedings.

Means Test

This part considers your disposable income. If you are on ESA, JSA, Income Support or are under 18 then you should qualify for legal aid.

Even if you are working you may still qualify for legal aid provided your disposable income does not exceed £239.00 per week.

Private Funding Options

If you are not entitled to legal aid we have a number of ways to assist you in paying the costs of your legal case. We appreciate that clients are often concerned about how they will fund their legal fees.

We make sure our fees are competitive and offer a fixed fee service agreed in advance so you have peace of mind knowing how much your legal representation is going to cost you.

You can opt to pay us in monthly instalments in order to assist with your household budgeting.

If you are found not guilty then we can make an application for a Central Funds Cost Order, which means we can get back some if not all of your legal fees.


The cost of legal expenses can be a real area of concern and you may not initially have access to funds to commence family litigation. In certain cases we can arrange 3rd party funding to assist you with the cost of your litigation. Please contact us for further details or to discuss our fees and hourly rates.

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