In today’s difficult economy it’s all too easy for employers and employees to fall into dispute. Employment law is wide-ranging; not just unfair dismissal which is the area most of us know about, but redundancy, retirement and resignation, wages and welfare, discrimination and equality.

Whatever the problem, it’s useful to be able to see both sides in order to assess the strengths and difficulties it holds. Gurney Harden has always made sure it acts for both employers and employees so that it has the skills necessary to give the best possible advice. A key skill is being able to recognise when confrontation can be avoided and a manageable settlement achieved; the Employment Tribunal is an expensive and complex environment.

But if the Employment Tribunal is the only answer, then we have experienced advocates who can help you all the way through. We offer a range of costs options. We can:

  • Agree a fee. This will be an agreed (fixed fee) which will not be varied upwards, whatever the outcome of the case.
  • No win, no fee - we will need to assess your case first-see below.
  • Hourly rates.

We’re happy to give you a free initial assessment of your case and discuss appropriate costs options.

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